Our last project of a Conversion of a Hotzenblitz to Lithium Polymer from Kokam (LiPo) with an Autonomie of more than 350km with 39.22kWh, 185V, 212Ah:

Kruspan Engineering has modified a Full Electric Vehicle "Hotzenblitz" with the newest technology of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) cells from Kokam. This car has now a range (autonomie) of 350km - 400km without need of recharging the cell's. This is a factor of ~4 in comparison to the former original version with lead (Pb) and at the same time with the advantage of ~100kg less weight! Full speed is around 130km/h (primary dependant upon motor drive system). The higher battery voltage, less weight and more energy results in much more autonomie, better acceleration, higher full speed and better overall energy consumption, thus much more performance for the client. The car can best be recharged over night (13h charging time for full load) at a normal 230V AC mains plug with 3.3kW and thus best load of the electrical grid.

This is a demonstration of the possibilities of today's battery technology, when they are used in light and efficient cars.

The Electric Vehicle


The former NiCd cells from Saft with 16.8kWh, 369.6kg, 100Ah, 168V still mounted in the battery case: The 4 Lithium Polymer Accu Boxes outside of the car:

Some technical Data with LiPo:

New Autonomie: ~350km (practically verified in Swiss Mountains with more than 220Ah coming out of the 4 boxes and temperature rise of the Kokam's was never measurable...)

Nominal Energy of LiPo's: 39.22kWh

Nominal Voltage: 185V

Voltage Range: 170V - 209V

Weight of 4 Accu Boxes: 272kg

Top Speed: ~120km/h



One Lithium Polymer Box in more detail:

The Boxes mounted in the car during test drives without floor panels and with Service Box:
  Our Customer drives away with full speed,at the same time very quietly and with great pleasure...
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