GebSen64, Speed Sensor Bearing:    GebInt64/48, Sensor Interface 64 to 48 pulses / rev. (to be used with AMC2 / AMC3):




  Situation / Application:

To obtain a much more reliable propulsion system with the motor controller AMC2 or AMC3, it can be used a speed sensor bearing with 64 pulses per revolution instead of the old Geber F etc. with optical sensor and a printed aluminum sensor disk (48 pulses).

For the AMC2 / AMC3, the pulses per revolution must be changed from 64 to 48 per revolution, if the speed sensor bearing is used. This is accomplished by the small dongle Interface GebInt64/48.

For realisation, following schema can be used:

  Technical Data:   Mechanical Drawing GebSen64:

Sensor Bearing to measure speed and direction

Bearing: 6206 ZR.C3



Electrical Output:

2 rectangle signals with each 64 pulses / revolution

90° +-40° electrical offset

open collector with max. 40mA (PTC), 24V (short circuit proof)

Accuracy of Period: +- 3%
Speed Limits:

n_kin: 11'000rpm

n_therm: 14'000rpm

Measurable Speed Range: 4rpm...18'750rpm
Load Rating:

C: 19kN

C0: 11.2kN

DIN-150 281

Duty Cycle: 1 : 1 +-25%
Power Supply: 4.5V...24V DC
Supply Current: 14.4mA @40mA output current
Wrong Polarity: max 40V during 60s
Temperature Range Permanent: -30°C...+120°C
Max. Temperature (10x 30 Min.): 150°C
Shock: max 50g for 6ms (DIN IEC 68-2-27)
Vibration: max. 10g between 55Hz...2kHz

shielded with 4 Lines:

  1. red: Power Supply
  2. blue: Output 1
  3. white: Output 2
  4. black: Ground


Weight: 280g
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