LM5k, Linear Position Sensor:   Mechanical Drawing:
  Technical Data:   Principle Drawing:
  Design: Conductive Polymer Potentiometer for Automotive Applications  
Resistance Value: 5kOhm, 20%
Independant Linearity +- 2%
Temperature Characteristic: 0..200ppm / °C (max)
Output Smoothness: 1.0%
Operating Temperature: -40°C...+130°C
Isolation Voltage: 500V AC rms
Insulation Resistance: >10MOhm at 500V
Hysteresis: <0.3%
Effective Travel: 10mm +-0.5mm
Mechanical Travel: 12.5mm (max)
Return force needed: 200g...750g, fitted with small return spring
Mechanical Endurance Life 3 Mio movements
  Weight: 22g

Important Notice:


Potentiometers having conductive polymer tracks are tested as potential dividers with a wiper load resistance of a minimum of 100 times the track resistance.

The wiper contact must only be used to pick up the control voltage, so also absolute care must be taken, when connecting the wires not to make any mistake.

The pin must not take any radial forces, so you can either use the potmeter as in the example given here or some other bearing application with rotatable fixings of the potmeter, etc. Also important are the upper and lower limit (bump stop's) not to overload mechanically the potentiometer.

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